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image PEOPLE Assistant

I started working here as a Sales Associate, then as Counter Checker assigned at Department Store. Currently, I am a PEOPLE Assistant assigned at PEOPLE Department. Working here for three years and two months is quite a great experience. I was with different companies before joining NCCC but it's only here that I feel most comfortable.

For me, NCCC is the best company. I found home and family here. The management is very kind. It is not only looking after the sales and profit, but it also has a big heart for its associates and customers. I am so happy to work here. I love the environment, the people, the values that the company upholds, and the benefits it gives. My skills, talents, and capabilities were developed too. I've learned much and I was molded to become a more responsible and flexible person, a better one in general. I am really proud and blessed that I am part of this wonderful company. NCCC is truly A Leader Who Cares. May God's blessings continue to shower upon the management and its associates.