Charmalou Palco

image Merchandise Management Specialist

Fair wage and benefits, good management, well- trained employees and down- to- earth Board of Directors- these make NCCC a desirable employer to many people.

Let me share my personal experiences with the company. It was summer of 1997 when my father told me that I have to stop studying because of financial constraints. However, being a person with dreams and plans for the future and with high regard for education, I decided to work to be able to pursue school. Unfortunately, I had to quit my first job. I opted to find a better one and NCCC gave it to me. I worked part-time as a cashier with a schedule that allowed me to study at the same time. It was the most challenging part of my life doing two things at a time at the age of seventeen (17). However, I was able to overcome the challenges because of my father who became my inspiration for everything and my supervisor who supported me all along. I completed my 4-year course BS Accountancy and 6- month Basic Computer Programming. I wanted then to continue working at NCCC but I had to leave to take the CPA Board exam. Unfortunately, I failed the exam.

After some time, NCCC again opened its door for me. I was hired again but was given a different job already until I became part of the Merchandising Department of Department Store where I am currently assigned. Because of NCCC, I have learned to work with different types of people and have experienced several kinds of work that developed my personality. I am now more friendly, open and confident to share my talents and skills. I was able to achieve some of my goals in life as well. My heartfelt gratitude to the management for helping students like me pursue their dreams.

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