About Us

Our Story

Rising from the Ashes

New City Commercial Corporation (NCCC) has been a household name in Davao City for the past four decades.

From what was once a textile store, it has now established itself as a major player in the retail industry, going head-to-head with some of the country’s largest retail companies.

The homegrown company was born out of the hard work of Mr. Lim Tian Siu, who in 1919 travelled from his hometown in Chin Kang, Fukien, China to the Philippines at the age 14 seeking a better life.

Mr. Lim, or Tatay as he is fondly called in NCCC, started out as a cigarette factory worker in Manila. He later rose to the ranks to become a sales agent.

When World War II broke out, Tatay moved out of Manila and settled in a nearby town.

After the war, he moved to Cotabato City where he met his wife, Ko Giok Loo. There, they put up a small trading business that included the buying and selling of freshwater eels.

The family business eventually evolved into a general merchandise store selling basic necessities and other items like shoes and jewelry. However, in 1952, the store caught fire.

Not giving up on his desire to provide for his family, Tatay asked for support from his suppliers and relatives to help his business get back on track. They decided to move to Davao City to begin anew. They established a textile store at Uyanguren Street (now Ramon Magsaysay Avenue) with seven employees. While the business experienced success, it also suffered from a big fire that affected the whole area.

Our Vision

We are determined to become “A leader who cares”.

In the strategic sense, we desire to become a market leader and the preferred destination in all areas of our business in the places where we operate.

In the financial sense, we aim to be the most financially viable in the industry.

Finally, in the organizational sense, we want to be the most preferred employer in the communities where we are present.

Our Mission

As a leading ang preferred destination in the areas where we operate, NCCC is committed to provide our customers with all their shopping needs, the highest quality of customer service, and value for money.

Our stores and malls will always be safe, clean, wholesome and fun destination for the family.

We keep our operations simple, efficient and profitable to continue to generate employment and be a responsible corporate citizen in the communities where we are present. We create and maintain mutually beneficial business relationships with our suppliers and service providers.

Our associates understand that the company is a caring organization worthy of their loyalty, dedication, excellence and hardwork.

Business Philosophy

We put our CUSTOMERS first and strive to secure their loyalty by giving the best value for their money.

We VALUE our EMPLOYEES as our associates and we shall seek to help them achieve their full potential.

We embrace INTEGRITY in all our business and corporate transactions.

We shall extend CARE to our community by extending efforts and services to make it a better place in which to live, work and grow.

Core Values

We are a leader that embodies dignity, always working hard with integrity. With humility we care for the customers, associates, business partners, and the community towards continuous excellence while having fun along the way.



"The mother of all core values"

We show high respect for oneself and perform duties with highest degree of professionalism. Endeavors good influence to others. Values self-worth and self-esteem.


"The essence of charity"

We take good care of our business partners, our associates, and our customers. We aspire to become one’s second family by helping each other become better individuals.


"The real secret of success"

In life, not everything is given in a silver platter. We work hard to be successful. Success, more often than not, comes from a person’s dedication to one’s work.


"The essence of one’s character"

The pillars (founders) of our business are our inspiration. Their experiences taught us the relevance of our company core values and we consistently strive to live up to these values in the performance of our responsibilities.


"The foundation for continuous improvement"

We aim to be the best in the areas where we serve. The goal for excellence never ends and we believe that there is always room for improvement.


"The spice of life"

We promote an environment where associates enjoy their jobs. Various programs are created to promote such work environment. We believe that productivity and satisfaction are highly correlated.


"The key to greater learning"

Despite the company’s numerous feats, we want to be modest at all times. We give respect to our associates because we want them to reciprocate that respect.