Mechanics of the Entire Rewards Program

How to be A Member

  • Customer must visit any NCCC Stores to apply for a New Membership except for NCCC initiated events.
  • The customer will pay a total amount of Php154 (Php130 for Rewards card and Php24 for Personal Accident Insurance (optional)) valid for 2 years.
  • The customer can opt to pay for a 1 year membership worth Php88.00 plus Php24 for Personal Accident Insurance.
  • The payments and/or PIN Activation for the new membership will be done through NCCC Check-Out Counters.
  • After payment, the member can automatically claimed the new card at NCCC Customer Care/Service upon Registration.
  • Moreover, the new member has option to personally register the Rewards account through SMS at 0917-810-4386.

Membership Renewal

  • The member can renew the NCCC Rewards Card at any NCCC Stores Customer Care/Service or Check-Out Counters.
  • The member will pay an amount of Php75.00 for renewal and Php24 for Personal Accident Insurance (optional) valid for 2 years.
  • Upon payment, the member can receive the renewed card at NCCC Customer Care/Service.
  • The member’s points and personal information will be automatically transferred to the newly renewed Rewards Card.
  • The member can renew the Rewards card five (5) months prior to the expiration date.
  • The member with expired Rewards card can still renew the membership three (3) months or ninety-two (92) days after the cards expiration date.

Eearning Points

The member’s points earning will depend on the transactions they made at the following business units of NCCC.

Business Units Amount of Transaction Earned Points
NCCC Supermarket





One (1) point = Php1.00
NCCC Department Stores Php200 One (1) point = Php1.00
Hardwaremaxx Php200 One (1) point = Php1.00
Bread Factory Php300 One (1) point = Php1.00
City Foods


Php400 One (1) point = Php1.00

Redemption Points

  • The Rewards member with at least 20 points balance can redeem the points at any NCCC Stores Check-Out Counters.
  • Only the primary NCCC Rewards member can redeem the points.
  • Upon redemption, the member must present a valid ID and NCCC Rewards Card for verification purposes.
  • All earned points from expired Rewards card will be automatically transferred to the newly renewed card.
  • All earned points from forfeited Rewards card can no longer be redeemed.
  • Once the member is deceased the points will be automatically forfeited and can no longer be redeemed.

Rewards Merchant Partners

NCCC Rewards Merchant Partners across Davao, Tagum and Palawan have different schemes of perks and benefits for Rewards members.


Davao Area Perks and Benefits
Lhealthy Shop Get 8% discount on a weekly meal plan minimum P1,000 purchase.
Barrio Bistro Get FREE 1L Lemonade for a minimum of 500 food purchase.
Dencio’s Kamayan FREE Bottomless Iced Tea minimum single receipt food purchase P300.
Kookel’s FREE 1L Houseblend Iced Tea minimum purchase of P800.
Bioessence Facial & Slimming Center

50% OFF warts removal

Avail facial worth P1,200 & up get FREE Diamond Peel

Bridal PhDy 20% OFF Discount
Demi Sevilla 20% OFF Discount
Tagum Area
Eye Thing Optical Clinic 10% discount on regular price frames
Matin-ao Resort Get 5% OFF on entrance fee
Rufina’s Leisure Center

5% discount on food orders minimum dine-in purchase of P500.

10% discount on room rate

5% discount on catering services for a minimum of 40 pax.

Palawan Area
Haim Chicken FREE 12oz of pineapple juice for every P500 worth of purchase.
McCoy’s Pizza Get FREE 1 glass of Iced tea and 5% discount for every P300 worth of purchase.
Allen Shooter Get 5% discount on all major photography services
Kurt Photography 5% discount on personalize/customize items.

NCCC Mastercard Mechanics / Points Earning


Product Features Points Earning/Conversion Annual Fee Waiver
  • Contactless Technology
  • Worldwide acceptance
  • Omnibus Metrobank Card features and promos
  • Flexible Installment Programs 
  • Earn one (1) rewards point for every P20 spend.
  • 10,100 points = 500 NCCC loyalty points
  • 15,800 points for principal annual fee waiver
  • 8,500 points for supplementary annual fee waiver

Insurance for rewards (Mechanics / Claiming)

a. NCCC Rewards partner FPG Phoenix Group, Inc. is a non-life Insurance company that cater claims for Personal Accident Insurance.

FPG Personal Accident Insurance Coverage Limit of Liability
Accidental Death or Disablement Php50,000
Unprovoked Murder and Assault Php25,000
Cash Fire Assistance Php2,000
Accidental Burial Benefit Php5,000

b. The claimant must submit the original documents at NCCC Customer Care/Service or FPG Davao Office.

Accidental Death/Disablement/Unprovoked Murder and Assault claims;

  1. Completely filled out Insurance Claim application form.
  2. Original copy of the insured member’s police and/or medical report.
  3. Certified true copy of the insured member’s Death and Birth Certificate.
  4. Photocopy of the insured member’s valid ID, NCCC Rewards Card and Insurance Cover.
  5. Certified true copy of the immediate family member’s birth certificate.
  6. Photocopy of the immediate family member’s valid ID.
  7. And/or any other documents needed by FPG Insurance.

Cash Fire Assistance

  1. Completely filled out Insurance Claim application form.
  2. Photocopy of the insured member’s valid ID and FPG Insurance Certificate of Cover (if applicable).
  3. Original copy of incident report from Bureau of Fire Protection.
  4. Original copy of the insured member’s Brgy. Certificate.
  5. Pictures of the burned house or establishment.

Other Programs

Rewards Auto-Renewal

  1. An Auto-Renewal is properly disseminated through InfoText, Facebook blast and Public Announcement prior to its implementation and thereafter.
  2.  All Rewards members with at least 75 points balance will be automatically renewed in the system.
  3. The redemption of points for a total of seventy-five (75) will be processed solely by Rewards Associate/s.
  4. Rewards Associate/s will update the old card number’s expiration date.
  5. The Rewards member will receive a notification once the card is already renewed. 
  6. (Notification Content: Congratulations!!! you may now claim your renewed NCCC Rewards card at your nearest NCCC Customer Care. Daghang Salamat Po!)

  7.  A masterlist of auto-renewed cards will be provided to all branches monthly.
  8. All Customer Service Associates must check the masterlist for Renewal verification.
  9. Once verified, the attending Associate must perform the replacement process through Pivot system.
  10. The Associate must make sure that their basis of replacement process is the OLD CARD NUMBER listed in the masterlist provided monthly.
  11. All Customer Service Associates must release a new card using CARD REPLACEMENT process in Pivot system.
  12. Release Rewards card to members.

Guess and Win your Rewards

  1. All Rewards members in Davao and Tagum are qualified to participate in the online guessing game.
  2. The online guessing game will be done every first and last Monday of the month.
  3. Guessing game categories will be anything under the sun.
  4. First five members to comment the correct answer will WIN a Rewards Collectible Item.
  5. The participants can only comment once within a specified period of time.
  6.  The winners will be announced on the same day through Rewards Facebook page.
  7. The winners will receive a text notification once item is ready to be claimed at designated Customer Care.
  8. Duration Period is on February 1 to December 27, 2021.

Redeem your Rewards

  1. Posting of featured redeemable items will be posted once a month through Rewards Facebook page.
  2. All qualified members can redeem their most liked item/s maximum of 3 items only.
  3. The member must click the picture of the featured item then comment “MINE”. 
  4. The first member to comment “MINE” including the redemption code will get the item through points redemption.
  5. Points Redemption will be solely process by Rewards Associate/s based to the item/s points equivalent. 
  6. The featured items will be posted with price and available quantity (ex. stocks available: 3 pcs.).
  7. All members who qualified will receive a notification once the featured item/s is ready to be claimed at designated NCCC Customer Care.
  8. Duration Period is on February 1 to December 31, 2021.


FAQs NCCC Rewards Card

Q: What to do if my card is delaminated?
A: You can request for card replacement at any NCCC Customer Care/Service.

Q: What do I do if my card doesn’t work?
A: Advise Customer Care/Service to check the status of your card.

Q: What do I do if my card is lost?
A: Request for card replacement at any NCCC Customer Care/Service.

Q: What do I do if my card is already forfeited?
A: You may apply for new membership at any NCCC Customer Care/Service.

Q: What to do if my deceased family member has a Rewards card?
A: You can no longer use the card of a deceased member. Any points balance will be automatically forfeited as indicated in the terms & condition signed by the member.

Q: Is Authorization letter allowed during redemption?
A: No. The primary cardholder is the only person allowed to redeem the points.

Q: Can renewal and replacement be made by an Authorized Representative?
A: Yes. Any representative authorized by the member can apply for renewal or card replacement. 

Q: Will I earn points if my card is NOT YET PIN ACTIVATED?
A: No. The card can only earn points once activated.

Q: Will I earn points if my card is not yet REGISTERED?
A: Yes. Because card registration is for customer’s account information purposes only.

Q: What to do if your name is not reflected on your receipt during purchase?
A: You may request at Customer Care/Service to update your information.

Q: How do I check my earned points?
A: You can ask through NCCC Rewards Facebook page or at any NCCC Customer Care/Service.

Q: How do I check my card’s expiration date?
A: You can check your card’s expiration date through NCCC Check-Out Counter, Customer Care/Service or through NCCC Rewards Facebook Page.

Q: If I forgot to bring my card, is it allowed to manual input my card number?
A: No. NCCC Check-Out Counters are not allowed to manually input your Rewards card number.

Q: Are all items in the Supermarket can earn points?
A: No. There are exempted items in NCCC Supermarket such as flour, cigarettes, baby’s milk, rice and sugar.

Q: If I have no valid ID what are the options to bring?
A: You may bring any of the following: Birth Certificate, Police Clearance, Brgy. Clearance or any IDs that will match on the information indicated in the system.

Q: Where can I use my NCCC Rewards points?
A: You may use your NCCC Rewards points in all NCCC Stores across Davao, Tagum and Palawan.

Q: How and where can I change my personal information?
A: You can change or update your personal information through NCCC Customer Care/Service or send a private message through NCCC Rewards Facebook page.

Q: Can I earn and use my points in Mall tenants?
A: For now, you cannot use or earn points from Mall tenants.

Q: Can I earn and use my points in NCCC Cinema?
A: You cannot earn points in NCCC Cinema however you can use or redeem your points to purchase a movie ticket.

Q: Can I pay using Credit card when applying for New or Renewal of my membership?
A: Yes. Credit card payment for new or renewal membership is accepted.

Q: Can I earn and use my points in Merchant Partners?
A: You cannot earn or use your points in Merchant Partners but you can get discounts and other perks & benefits.

Q: Can I apply for FPG Insurance when my card is expired or forfeited?
A: You can only apply for FPG Insurance if your NCCC Rewards card is active.

Q: Can I use my earned points to pay E-loads and Bills payments?
A: For now, e-loads and bills payments are not yet included for points payment.

Q: Can I use my earned points for my card renewal?
A: Yes. You can use your earned points to pay for your Rewards card renewal.

FAQs NCCC Master Card

Q: What is the minimum purchase amount using NCCC Mastercard?
A: There is no minimum amount of purchase using your NCCC Mastercard.

Q: How much is the interest for encashment?
A: Cash advance fee is P600 or 3% of the cash amount availed, whichever is higher.  Additional P500 if transacted over-the-counter through Metrobank branch. 

Q: Can we negotiate installment basis for encashment?
A: We have a Cash2Go Installment plan feature wherein you can avail upto 90% of your available credit limit and to be paid in either 3, 6, 9, 12, 18, 24 or 36 months at special interest rates. To avail, visit any Metrobank branch or call customer service. 

Q: What is the process of cash advance?
A: You can avail at any Metrobank or PSBank ATM or any ATM with Mastercard symbol, here and abroad. Cash advance PIN can be requested via customer service. 

Q: Can we use NCCC Credit Card for housing loan payment?

Q: Is it possible to pay the annual fee in installment basis?
A: it’s charged one time but can be paid in installment, together with other balances, if a cardholder is a revolver, subject to Finance charge. 

Q: What are the other proof of income aside from payslip & ITR?
A: Statement of Account (SOA) of other bank credit card.

Q: Can annual fee be waived within 1st year?
A: 1st year annual fee is waived.

Q: Is there a charge in paying thru ecpay or other establishments?
A: No charge except for Cebuana Lhuillier which is P5 per transaction.

Q: For example a customer credited 50K then his credit protect payment is only 100 pesos, is he is already covered or not?
A: The premium to be paid is dependent on the statement balance. For example, for 50k statement balance, cardholder needs to pay P500 because for every 100 peso statement balance, Cardholder to be charged 1 peso.  Cardholder is covered upon agreement. Policy to be sent within 20 working days after successful posting of the first monthly premium in your NCCC Mastercard. 

Q: Is there a copy of table of credit limit range depending on customer’s income?
A: We cannot divulge on how we grant the credit limit; this information is confidential 

Q: How much is the interest for past due?
A: Late charge is P850 or unpaid minimum amount due, whichever is lower; Finance charge is 3.54% based on actual calendar days.

Q: Is NCCC Credit Card offers 0% interest/installment basis?
A: Yes

Q: Where can customer process for card replacement?
A: The cardholder can request for card replacement through Metrobank customer service if card has been lost or damaged for P400.

Q: Is there a payment to apply for supplementary card? If yes, how much?
A: None but there’s annual fee to be charged on the 2nd year which is P800.

Q: How long is the validity of NCCC Mastercard?
A: Five (5) years

Q: How much is the renewal fee for the expired NCCC Mastercard?
A: NO RENEWAL FEE; we automatically send the renewal card to cardholder; annual fee is charged every year which is P1,500.

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