Vendor Accreditation

Thank you for your interest to partner with NCCC as its vendor or supplier of goods or services. Here is the process on how to be accredited as an NCCC Vendor.
  1. Prepare Letter of Intent addressed to the Merchandising or Purchasing Department of the concerned NCCC Business Unit. Please check respective directly for the addressee.
  2. Fill up forms attached and submit accreditation documents in a legal-sized folder in two sets
  3. The vendor accreditation forms shall comprise the first two pages, followed by the accreditation documents which shall be arranged according to order indicated in the accreditation department checklist. Put an index tab with your company name on the upper right edge of the folder. There should be an index tab arranged in descending order for every requirement. Please make the font size of the company name (in index tab) bigger than those of the requirements.
  4. Photocopy of the latest General Information Sheet (for Corporations) shall be included with other documents required herewith.
  5. Accreditation Requirements Checklist (submit all applicable):

    1. Letter of Intent
    2. Company Profile
    3. Business Permit
    4. Sanitary Permit
    5. Certificate of Registration with DTI
    6. Certificate of Registration with SEC
    7. Certificate of VAT or NON-VAT Registration
    8. Certificate of Exclusive Distributorship
    9. SSS Membership Certificate
    10. Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) Registration
    11. License to Operate/FDA Permit
    12. National Meat Inspection Service Certificate (NMIS)
    13. Import Commodity Clearance (ICC)
    14. Philippine Standards (PS) Mark
    15. Brochures/Project Catalog/Price List
    16. Product Sample
    17. Sample/Photocopy of Invoice (Delivery Receipt or Sales Invoice)
    18. Location Map of Business Establishment
    19. One 2×2 ID Picture of Company Representative
    20. One 1×1 ID Picture of Delivery Representative
    21. Duly Authenticated copy of Articles of Incorporation/Partnership or By-Laws
  6. Corresponding Merchandising Fees will be collected. Rates vary per NCCC Business Unit.
  7. Other Requirements may be asked.

Accreditation Documents