Corporate Credit Line
For those interested to apply for corporate credit line, please fill up forms and prepare required documents.

List of required documents

  1. Business Permit
  2. BIR Permmit/COR
  3. DTI Registration (Should BE)
  4. CDA Registration (if Cooperative)
  5. Latest Audited FS/ITR
  6. Articles of Partnership/Incorporation(Corporation)
  7. SEC Registration (NGO)
  8. w/ Copy of Approved Budget (Government)
  9. Two (2) Valid IDs for Sole proprietorship with three (3) specimen signatures
  10. Picture of the Establishment
  11. Latest 2 months bank statement or Photocopy of Passbook
  12. Two (2) Valids for MOA/Contract Signatory Three (3) specimen signatures
  13. Authorized Letter for Bank allowing NCCC for credit investigation
  14. PEZA Certification (for TAX Exempt applicants)
  15. Secretary Certificate of Board Resolution authorizing the person to apply and sign on behalf of the Corporation
  16. CAP Form
  17. Sample PO with signatory
  18. CPIS Purchaser (Photocopy of ID with signatory)