NCCC Supermarket and HB1 hands out awards to its top suppliers

A total of 71 suppliers and business partners were recognized and awarded by NCCC Retail group during its Suppliers Convention 2022 held recently.

Nestle Philippines, Inc. and United Laboratories, Inc. were named the most outstanding business partner for grocery business and pharmacy business, respectively. Both recipients have exhibited superior performance across all metrics including growth in sales and are able to grow the size of their business with NCCC.

For the past few years, NCCC has been giving recognition to their business partners and suppliers to appreciate and acknowledge their loyalty and partnership.

“We have so many years of partnership to look back to and we will have many more years to look forward to,” Lafayette Lim, NCCC CEO said.

Other Laurel Awards given include Distributor of the Year Award, Best in Service Level, Continuous Improvement, Outstanding Marketing Efforts, Outstanding Business Partner for Housebrand, Outstanding Brand, Outstanding Supplier Initiative, and Top Performing Products in E-commerce.

Outstanding Customer Business Manager awards were also given to individual sales representatives who are exceptionally good in managing and engaging with their account.

Its pharmacy counterpart, HB1, has also given recognition to its suppliers such as Most Improved Supplier for Pharmacy Business, Outstanding Business Partner, Best in Service Level and Supply Management, Best Supplier Initiative of the Year for Special Selling Events, Best Brand, Best in Marketing Efforts, Outstanding Sales Representative – Medium and Large category and Best in Ecommerce Top SKU.

Lim said the past two years had been a struggle for everyone. Values and visions were tested to the core but people always grow from experiences and flew on broken wings and now it is time to soar again, together, he added.