NCCC Supermarket’s CSR Activities During the Ramadan Festival 2024

Bestselling Dishes this Ramadan 2024 (Lady’s Choice Real Mayonnaise)

Hamaidan Samiya (left) and Nuraine Ampatuan (right)

Happened last March 3, 2024 at the Activity Area of NCCC Supermarket Mall VP hosted by Nurainie Ampatuan, special guest chef Hamida Sibayan prepared several halal dishes using Lady’s Choice Real Mayonnaise namely Chicken Mayo Patty, Egg Mayo Sandwich Spread, and Waldorf Salad. NCCC sulit shoppers enjoyed the said dishes during the food tasting afterwards and learned different cooking techniques from the expert herself.

Various cooking experiences, perspectives, and struggles when preparing delicious yet nutritious dishes for the family were shared to the crowd by people who personally prepare everyday meals. Products such as Lady’s Choice were given importance during Ramadan fasting due to its flexibility to be mixed on different dishes from main and side rice viands to desserts.

Ramadan Favorites with Skippy

She Arendain holding her dish made with Skippy (photo credit to Davao Food Guide)

Last March 5, the Ramadan Favorites with Skippy Peanut Butter event was held at the NCCC Supermarket – Activity Area of the NCCC Mall VP branch.

Made with Skippy Peanut Butter Creamy and Chunky, halal dishes were prepared by special guest Mommy She Arendain. Hosted by Carly Chua, the Ramadan Favorites with Skippy event last March 5 gave happy smiles to the audience members as they were able to play games, receive exciting prizes from NCCC and Skippy families, and taste the food prepared by our special guest. 

A Muslim dance group presented a Muslim cultural dance to the audiences as an opening number to liven the atmosphere and mood of the people who attended the event. Around 50 Mom Squad cardholders also received instant freebies upon their attendance.

Sarap Sustansya Cooking Demo this Ramadan (Maggi and Nestle All-Purpose Cream)

Special guest cook Teacher Rhina Edsil

Last March 7, 2024, the Sarap Sustansya Cooking Demo at NCCC Supermarket Tacurong branch was hosted by Zuhairah Abas and special guest cook Teacher Rhina Edsil who made the halal dishes sendol and ginataang gulay with shrimp using Maggi and Nestle All-Purpose Cream.

Tacurong City Administrator Mr. Mon Losañes gave an opening speech about the routine practiced during Ramadan, along with highlighting how important the role of Muslim women are during the season, especially in March being the National Women’s Month.

Architect Al Malik M. Diamla of Halal Happy Citizens also pointed out the teachings of Ramadan fasting, difference between what halal and haram food, and discussed how these are essential to Muslim culture. 

Muslim vloggers and influencers around Mindanao have joined the event and shared their own Ramadan practices, and values.

Qur’an Recitation and Ramadan Gift Giving (Alaska Milk Corporation)

A Madrasa student reciting the Qur’an

The Madrasa students of Maahad Talomo Al Islamie participated in the Qur’an Recitation and Ramadan Gift Giving event of NCCC Supermarket with Alaska Milk Corporation last March 13, 2024.

Account Manager of Alaska Milk Corporation, Mr. Alvin Tolentino, spoke about the importance of having good food to consume, not only for Iftar (a meal eaten by Muslims to break their fast after sunset every day during Ramadan), but most especially for everyday living. 

Principal of Maahad Talomo Al Islamie, Mr. Ismael Tahir, pointed out the benefits and etiquette of reading Qur’an during Ramadan. NCCC and Alaska then gave the 8 students who recited the Qur’an gift packs from Alaska, including their parents and school teachers.

Iftar Gift Giving with Magnolia

A resident (left) receiving Magnolia gift packs from NCCC Supermarket Marketing Manager, Janna Mutalib (right)

The NCCC Supermarket, in collaboration with San Miguel Foods, distributed food packs and grocery bags during its Iftar Gift Giving event last April 3 at the Pangandamun Mosque in Barangay 23-C, Davao City.

Joining the Ramadan activity were Barangay Captain Johaina P. Usman, Kagawad Norane Maca-Alang, and Purok Leader Morib Pamlian, along with over 100 Muslim residents who expressed deep gratitude for the distributed grocery bags among them containing Star Margarine, San Mig Sugar Free Coffee Mix, Cheezee, and Magnolia Real Mayonnaise.

Jeff Horcasitas, Sales Account Specialist of San Miguel Foods Corp., delivered a heartfelt message to all our Muslim brothers and sisters fasting during this Ramadan season.

Janna Mutalib, Marketing Manager of NCCC Supermarket, also highlighted the various collaborative efforts of NCCC during the holy month of Ramadan.

Iftar Gift Giving with Nestle

A Muslim brother praying for the food for the breaking of his fast

In observance of the Ramadan season, NCCC Supermarket and Nestle Philippines came together to spread joy and goodwill through a special Iftar Gift Giving event last April 4 at Deca Homes, Indangan, Davao City. This initiative aimed to share blessings and foster community unity during the holy month of Ramadan.

Ustadz Ismael Aycardo delivered a lecture to our Muslim brothers and sisters as the event began, followed by the Customer Business Team Lead of Nestle Philippines, Eloisa Ramirez, warmly welcoming attendees and expressed gratitude for the opportunity to support the Muslim community during this significant time.

President of the Muslim Association in Deca Homes, Khalid Gorospe gave thanks towards the NCCC and Nestle teams for choosing their community as beneficiary of the event. 

The Iftar food packs and grocery freebies, generously filled with Nestle products such as Milo, Nescafe Classic, Coffee Mate, and Bear Brand Fortified Drink, along with Choice Rice were distributed to residents in attendance. These essential items provided nourishment and comfort to families as they celebrated the breaking of the fast.

Janna Mutalib, Marketing Manager of NCCC Supermarket, delivered a heartfelt closing speech, acknowledging the importance of unity and compassion, especially during Ramadan. She thanked everyone for their participation and encouraged continued acts of kindness within the community.

The event brought smiles to the faces of each resident as they received the thoughtful freebies from NCCC Supermarket and Nestle families. Their joy and appreciation reflected the true spirit of giving and sharing during Ramadan. With Nestle, when there’s Good food, there’s Good life!

Get Total Care this Ramadan with Listerine

An audience member (right) at the Listerine sampling stall after the event

As the Ramadan season goes on, oral health takes center stage with the Get Total Care this Ramadan Season with Listerine event last April 6 at the NCCC Supermarket — Vista Mall branch. 

With the aim of promoting oral hygiene while fasting, the event showcases the efficacy of Listerine in ensuring 24/7 protection against germs and mouth bacteria.

Host Mommy She Arendain guided the attendees through the significance of maintaining oral hygiene throughout the fasting period, along with its etiquettes. Additionally, Joberlyn Manaois, Customer Development Manager of Kenvue mentioned that this event has been the first in Davao for Listerine and stated its essentiality as a kickstart. 

Brother Ismail Romulo Aycardo, an esteemed Islamic Preacher from Masjid Muslim Home Owners Deca Indangan, Davao City, shared insights on the importance of oral health and fasting within the context of Islamic teachings, not only on food but also on personal everyday practices.

With an array of options including Total Care, Total Care Sensitive, Total Care Zero Alcohol Mild Taste, Cool Mint, and Fresh Burst, participants will have the opportunity to experience the diverse benefits Listerine has to offer. Kenvue, the distributor of Listerine, extends its support by generously giving Listerine freebies to our attendees. 

In her closing remarks, Janna Mutalib, Marketing Manager of NCCC Supermarket, expresses gratitude to all participants and emphasizes the significance of prioritizing oral health, not only during Ramadan but throughout the year.

Cooking Demo this Eid with Ram Food Products, Inc.

Chef Khalid Gorospe cooking Black Bean Arabic Burrito

In celebration of Eid, NCCC Supermarket Panacan branch hosted an exciting cooking demonstration featuring Ram Food Products, Inc. and special guest Chef Khalid Gorospe last April 11, Thursday.

Chef Khalid Gorospe showcased his culinary expertise by preparing two delightful dishes using quality ingredients from Ram Food Products, Inc. – the Black Bean Arabic Burrito, a flavorful blend of RAM Black Beans, brown rice, and chicken strips and/or ground beef wrapped in Khubus or Pita bread and the second dish Corn Taco Salad in Garlic Sauce Dressing, offered a refreshing twist with its vibrant flavors and textures.

The audience witnessed Chef Khalid’s skills in preparing these mouthwatering dishes as he shared valuable cooking tips and insights, inspiring home cooks to recreate these delectable halal recipes in their own kitchens.

As shoppers enjoyed the aroma and taste of the freshly prepared dishes, they also received gift packs from RAM Foods filled with these remarkable kitchen essentials. 

Jane Ivy Makiling, the Account Manager of Ram Food Products, Inc. expressed her gratitude to NCCC Supermarket for giving a hand to organize such a memorable event collaboration.

Eid Mubarak with Knorr

Children patiently waiting for their sample of Lady’s Choice Macaroni

In commemoration of the Eid’l Fitr celebration, NCCC Supermarket, in partnership with Lady’s Choice & Knorr, distributed grocery bags and offered food sampling in Barangay San Emmanuel, Tacurong City last April 12, Friday.

Joining the gathering were Mr. Hernani Fermo, Executive Assistant IV, and Mrs. Mae Ann Horlador, Executive Assistant III for Tacurong City Barangay Affairs. They expressed their heartfelt gratitude to NCCC Supermarket and the Unilever Philippines family for organizing the event for the Muslim residents of Tacurong City.

Participating in the outreach event as well were Dalia Molde, Assistant Store Manager of NCCC Supermarket Tacurong, NCCC Supermarket Marketing Manager Janna Mutalib, and Unilever Account Managers Kathleen Suarez and Shy Calamba.

More Ramadan activities are to come in the next year! Thank you so much for your continued support and efforts. Stay tuned, sulit shoppers!