NCCC Supermarket’s Inter-School Quiz Bee Competition

The official NCCC Supermarket Inter-School Quiz Bee Competition for a Back-To-School promo.

Competition Date/Time/Venue:
August 26, 2023
03:00 PM – 05:00 PM
Activity Area, NCCC Supermarket Mall VP (formerly Victoria Plaza)

1. The NCCC Supermarket Inter-School Quiz Bee is open to all junior high school students who are presently enrolled in any of the private schools located in the Davao City.
2. Each school shall have a maximum of two (2) participants/representatives.
3. The Quiz Bee has a total of ten (10) participants/representatives from different junior high school. First come, first serve basis only.

1. The Quiz Bee is paper and pencil test with a total of fifty (50) questions.
2. Students must be physically present at the venue with their school uniform and ID.
3. There will be two (2) rounds:
• Easy Round
◦ twenty (20) multiple choice questions
• Difficult Round
◦ 30 fill in the blank questions
• Clincher Round shall be done in case that there would be a tie from 1st to 3rd Rank Scores/Students.
◦ Sudden death questions will be given to identify the Top 3 participants.
4. The scoring is cumulative. Top three (3) with the highest scores will be declared as winners.
5. Cheating and Coaching is strictly prohibited. Dismissal of the participant will be served automatically.
6. Answers must be written correctly. The spelling must be correct. Abbreviation and acronym will be not be allowed.
7. The host will read the questions twice and the participants will be given ten (10) seconds to answer.
8. The host will asked the participants to raise their answers after given time and moderators/host will check and tally the correct answers. Lower their answers only when the moderator/host tally the answers.
9. Participants must immediately inform the host and/or moderator in case of a protest. The protest will be resolved immediately by the Moderators.
10. The scope of questions is general knowledge, current events, and NCCC news & events.

Top 1 Champion : P 10, 000 cash
Top 2 1st Runner Up : P 8,000 cash
Top 3 2nd Runner Up : P 5,000 cash
Top 4-10 Consolation Prizes : P 1,000 cash

School Token:
Each participating school will receive P5,000 NCCC Gift Card. PLUS! Additional P5,000 NCCC Gift Card for winning participant (Top 1).

Click the link:
Deadline of registration: August 18, 2023